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brConnect Global Online Summit

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Meet the brightest minds from the worlds of tech and commerce. The 5th edition of our flagship event will bring a global speaker lineup and an immersive digital experience live from your home.

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State of Commerce Experience Today

Brian kicks off Connect with examples of how Bloomreach customers have succeeded in the time of Covid and draws on data from the Bloomreach-commissioned definitive study conducted by Forrester on The State of Commerce Experience today.

Brian Walker
CSO at Bloomreach


Customer Panel

Three panelists from organizations operating in vastly different sectors will be discussing with Stacey their digital transformation journeys, what it means to provide a good digital experience for customers and what's next for their commerce strategies.

Josh Pert
CTO at Virgin Experience Days
Yzelle Viljoen
Head of Public Web at ING-DiBa
Predrag Spasojevic
Product Owner at Bosch Power Tools
Stacey Trimnell-Ritchard
Head of Global Marketing at Bloomreach


Winning Digital Experiences

Raj interviews Jim Hilt, President of Shutterfly’s Consumer Division, about his career journey and how to create a winning digital team. This session marks the first episode of a new video interview series with executives on “Winning Digital Experiences”. De Datta will also talk about his upcoming book - “The Digital Seeker: A Guide for Digital Teams to Build Winning Experiences”.

Raj De Datta
CEO at Bloomreach
Jim Hilt
President at Shutterfly


Lightning Talk #1 B2C: How to use Bloomreach to drive results

Learn about the future of retail as Christy talks to Peter Rostron, Head of Product at M&S. With Covid-19 sending many households into lockdown around the world, the online presence of M&S has continued to grow. Over recent years, M&S has worked to evolve its product offering and support its growing online presence – particularly in the grocery sector – where the company recently launched its partnership with online supermarket Ocado. 

Christina Augustine
COO at Bloomreach
Peter Rostron
Head of Product at M&S


Lightning Talk #2 B2B: How to use Bloomreach to drive results

In this hand-on session, Rob and Eric discuss ways to provide a good customer experience, the major facets that make up a good SEO strategy, the importance of mobile, the main differences between the demands of B2B and B2C customers and the impact of Covid-19 on MSC’s business.

Rob Rosental
CRO at Bloomreach
Eric Wheeldon
VP Category Enablement at MSC


Lightning Talk #3 Non Commerce: How to use Bloomreach to drive results

NHS Digital is committed to transforming and connecting healthcare services within the UK to deliver a more personalized service to patients, as well as maximizing taxpayers’ investments into the system. With a website that covers over four hundred products and services ranging from cybersecurity for the NHS to big data publications, Tjeerd speaks to Roger about NHS Digital’s service design-led strategy to create a frictionless user experience.

Tjeerd Brennikmeijer
EVP at Bloomreach EMEA
Roger Donald
Head of Delivery Management at NHS Digital


Bloomreach 2020: Key Product Go-Lives, Announcements, Demos

Hear from Clint and Jordan about what features and innovations Bloomreach launched in 2020 - from content search, category pages-segment and personalization to API-based feed ingestion and experience pages.

Clint Burgess
Head of Product Marketing
Jordan Roper
Head of Product Strategy and Growth 


brX 2021 Roadmap

Discover the Bloomreach product vision and get a sneak peek of what’s on the roadmap as Arje talks about segmented personalization, website experience, guided selling and building relationships with customers. Find out how one customer, Hobbycraft, the arts and crafts superstore retail chain in the UK, is using Bloomreach to create phenomenal experiences.

Arje Cahn
CPO at Bloomreach


Customer Awards and Mixology Class

Find out who the winners are of this year’s customer awards as we close the summit. Get your mixers ready as Bloomreach CSO Brian Walker and partners Gorilla and SAP will take you through some delicious cocktail and mocktail recipes!  

Brian Walker
CSO at Bloomreach

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