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Ready. Set. Code.

On October 8th, the Bloomreach Tech Track takes off. Hear all about the latest product launches from Bloomreach tech luminaries and experts as well as our vision for the next wave of innovation.

8 October, 2020 | 3:00 - 4:30PM CEST / 3:00 - 4:30 EDT

Learn, Discover and Connect in Technical Sessions

From start to finish, follow along on a journey to digital experience excellence. Told from a technical perspective, Bloomreach experts will highlight the newest innovations by telling a story you don’t want to miss..

Connect with experts

Hear from industry experts and developers on the virtual stage across a jam-packed day of talks and live-examples — get answers to your most burning questions from our team.

Find your community

Put a face to a username and meet the Bloomreach developers and maintainers your code depends on. Connect with people you’ve worked with in the past and make new friends.

Explore what’s next

See what’s to come in software and hear about Bloomreachs newest products, features, and programs. From APIs to Integrations, learn the tools and technologies Bloomreachs is launching to push code and the world of digital experience forward.

Get a front-row seat to all the action

  1. Play in the Sandbox
    Let’s. Get. Started fast with a project and the Bloomreach Partner Sandbox

  2. Kick-start content-rich experiences with Dynamic Components
    Learn all about Dynamic Components and how they’ll help your team to deploy faster.

  3. Build and manage new experience with Experience Pages
    Collaborate to build new experiences using new tools for page management. With Experience Pages, you can combine the best of both worlds. The document-based and page-based approach. Even both at the same time!

  4. Create new experiences with Bloomreach Frontend Development
    Get a sneak peek at the all-new Page Model API including the removal of the reverse proxy and updated SDKs.

  5. Make the new experience searchable with Intelligent Content Search
    Easy and fast content search by Bloomreach. Get ready for a technical look under the hood of how to connect to Bloomreachs search engine via DataConnect.

  6. Hook up your commerce system with the new brX GraphQL Service
    Connecting to a commerce backend is one of Bloomreachs strength. Learn all about the new brX GraphQL Service and ready-made React Components to kick start your online shop and storefront development.

  7. Personalize the experience with Relevance by Segment
    Learn how to personalize the product grid and search experience for individual segments to increase conversion and RPV.

  8. Present your products via the new Recommendation Algorithms
    Get a sneak peek at the brand-new Recommendation Algorithms and how they work, including Pathways.

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